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Puttin on the Ritz ("Benny")

  • 2005 Holsteiner/Hanoverian cross
  • By Carlson

Owned by Klavans Family

Benny looks the part and acts the part of a great event prospect. He has good bone and a big heart. In just one year Benny has gone from competing in his first event to winning at the Prelim Level. Benny also comes with some great owners in the Klavans. They've taken to the sport of eventing as naturally as their horse. Alyssa Klavans regularly leaves her busy life in New York City just to come support her horse as does her mother Nancy Klavans. If they served steamed crabs and beer at the events, I'm sure we could get her Dad to come more often as well. It's safe to say though, we are all excited about this horses future.


Havarah's Charly

The Dieselboy ("Leto")

  • 2007 Black Gelding
  • Westphalian/TB Cross

Owned Molly Kinnamon


Competitor at the 4 year old championships in 2011. Competitor at the 5 year old championships in 2012 at Fair Hill after a win in the qualifying class at Waredaca YEH. Now 2013 onto Prelim! We love our baby Leto whos is fast becoming not so little anymore. I can’t thank Mousehouse Farm enough for breeding and raising such a wonderful youngster!


Bristol Indian

Bristol Indian ("Bristol")

Owned Molly Kinnamon

The Indian is a promising young horse that came from Julie Richardson in Georgia. I'm very excited about this horses future at MK Equestrian.