Kinds Of Dog Whistles Review

Dog whistles are a useful tool that can use to replace or combine verbal and manual commands to train your dog. Dog whistles produce high frequency sounds heard by the human ear. So, if you’re trying to train your dog to do or not do, then this whistle will be a perfect choice.

Basically, the frequency of the sound coming from a dog’s horn doesn’t harm its hearing, but it’s quite unusual. Manufacturers have designed many types of dog whistles with many different shapes and designs. And you should know that some kinds of whistles work only for a specific breed of dog. If you make a mistake in choosing a dog’s horn, it will probably only become a decoration. So in this article, we will give you information about the different types of dog whistles and their shapes.

Silent whistle

The first kind of best dog whistle I want to mention in this name is Silent Whistle. As the name implies, these silent whistles make different sounds beyond the frequency range that the human ear can hear. They are designed to adjust ultrasonic sounds to multiple frequencies within the dog’s range. The reason for this is that different dogs respond to different whistles, meaning they can only hear sounds at a specific frequency.

Due to the fact that it can be frequency-adjusted, it is suitable for all breeds of dogs. All you need to do is adjust the pitch until you see your dog responding best. Of course, this altitude will vary depending on the radius of the whistle that can hear, as well as terrain and weather conditions, so be sure to check the location effectively you choose to train your dog.

Pealess whistle

Next is the Pealess whistle. Compared to silent whistles, Pealess whistles have less sound frequency for coaches to choose from. Because the whistle is not equipped with pea inside (hence it is called Pealess), these Pealess whistles are primarily used to train dogs in cold climates because the whistle is less frozen than a silent whistle.

Double tone whistle

As the name implies, this dog horn produces two different types of sounds/frequencies. These horns are designed in two forms, pealess and pea horn. To test which tone works with your dog, you can use the ‘wake up’ test. For example, when your dog is sleeping, blow the whistle in both tones and then observe what kind of tone the dog awakens.

This type of dog whistle is quite useful when you want to train more than two different kinds of dogs.

Other types of dog whistle

Dog whistles are made from a variety of materials such as staghorn, metal, and plastic. Metal horns are also available but are rarely used in cold areas because they are prone to freezing in cold temperatures. In addition to the above materials, here are a few different shapes of dog whistles available:

  • Shepherd’s horn – This horn design in the form of a tin flap. It has a hole in the center, and the owner or trainer usually needs a little practice before using it to train the dog.
  • Oblong – Like its name, these horns have an oblong shape. They are used to train retrievers and produce relatively low-frequency sounds, only at frequencies around 5700Hz. Dogs can see the Oblong whistle from a distance of up to 1.5 km, depending on the weather and terrain conditions.
  • Megaphone – True to its name, these horns produce high-frequency sound. People should avoid using it when people are around and have to prick their ears, as loud noises can damage hearing.

Dog whistle apps

In addition to the physical dog horns mentioned above, there is another very useful type of whistle that I want to say is the dog whistle app. No need to buy dog ​​whistles or spend the effort to blow the horns anymore, with just an app on your phone, you can train your dog. You can easily change different frequencies to suit your breed. However, you should also consider if your phone does not work or use it by bad guys.


Above is some information about the most popular types of dog horns today. We hope to help you gain an understanding of the different kinds of dog whistles. Choosing the right sort of dog-whistle for your dog will no longer be a problem. Thanks for reading. Have a beautiful day.

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