This is a wholesale company that sells to retail stores. You can find them at Bit Of Britain and many other tack stores throughout the United States, their website, http://www.nunnfiner.com/ has a section on their to help you locate a store in your area. Nunn Finer is constantly coming up with new innovative items to help us and our horses. Some of the items they make include, but aren’t limited to, bridles, breastplates, girths and horse protective boots of a wide assortment. Their products are a great quality; kind on the eyes and very durable!

McCauley Bros.

Every horse is an individual. With different breeds and different training programs I need a feed company that will help me make the right choice in my horses nutrition. McCauley’s top priority is the health and performance of the horses they feed. Their feed quality is outstanding and they have a full range of feeds and supplements to offer. My horses love this feed and stay in great condition on it. http://www.mccauleybros.com/

Charles Owen

Charles Owen is a company that is all about making what you do with your horse a safer and more enjoyable experience. Their helmets and body protection are second to none. Please check out their site for their complete product line. http://www.charlesowen.co.uk/


This is a French Saddle company that makes customized jump and dressage saddles. http://www.cwdsellier.com/ If you visit their website click on the American Flag and you’ll be able to preview some of their products. Charly and I will be receiving a jump saddle shortly. So far the company has been lovely to work with and the saddles seem very comfortable for the horse and rider. The rep I dealt with actually lives in California, so she should be able to help any of you on the West coast that need saddle fitting help.


Advanced Farrier Specialties, Inc is owned and operated by Vance Glenn and his wife Claire. With over 20 years experience with world class sport horses I rest assured knowing that Vance will give my horses the best shoeing possible. Vance is a Certified Journeyman Farrier (CJF) and an experienced horseman as well; he handles all my horses with great expertise and their feet always look great! http://www.advancedfarrierspecialties.com/


The “Fair Hill Equine Therapy Center” is a state of the art facility in Maryland with equipment that helps keep sport horses of all kinds at their peak performance levels as well as help them return to competition after an injury. This is a must see so please follow the links here to see more about this amazing place. http://www.fairhilletc.com/


Equinature is a leading an innovative company that manufactures “green” products. Its proven success in helping horse owners provide the best of care makes it a perfect fit for the new generation of world-class riders to use the new generation of environmentally sensitive health and skin care treatments we provide. http://www.equinature.com


Ecogold is a textile engineering company that is producing innovative equestrian products. They have made saddle pads and horse boots with the horses comfort and performance in mind. The high tech fabrics help us achieve the best performance possible. This company makes their products in their own factory and are very involved with the different horse sports to see what the horses need, and then they make it! http://www.ecogold.ca/


Personal Sponsors and Thanks:

There are some people who have always been there, and who I think of every time I get on a horse. These are the people that have made it possible for me to be where I am, and I would like to thank them by name……

My family, for their love and endless support.

    • mother, Judy Rosin


    • late father, David Rosin


    brother, Aaron Rosin

My California Crew

    • Veterinarian and “Aunty” Dr. Elizabeth Bracken DVM


    • My good friend and mentor Val Burch


    • My first dressage instructor Loris Henry


    Ram Tap’s owner and my “Uncle” Bill Burton

All my Havarah Students! Keep up the good work!

Jenny Rose–Thanks for all the writing help. You really helped me put this business together!

All my great friends that have been there with me through it all….
The Landskroners, The Duerigs, The Flaharty’s, Clinger/Wilson’s, The Whitings, The Merrymans, Jennie Blake and many many more!

The Minyan – Charly’s owners and a truly generous group of people whom have been the backbone of our success!

    • 1. Valencia Burch


    • 2. Fraser Family


    • 3. Steinman Family and Midtown Sports


    • 4. Betsy McCarley


    • 5. Judy Rosin


    • 6. John Marshall


    • 7. Bryce Kinnamon


    • 8. Carla Hayes


    • 9. Riverland Farms group


    • 10. Ann Matteo


Influential trainers and coaches;

    • Jil Walton


    • Christine Scarlett


    • Brian Sabo


    Megan McGee

My current “team”

    • Dr. Charles Arensburg DVM


    • Vance with Advanced Farrier Services


    • Boyd and Silva Martin


    • Belinda Nairn with Inspo

My boyfriend Bryce Kinnamon; your support, love and encouragement make the burdens easier, the laughs bigger, and life full of infinite possibilities, thank you.